5 Tips To Remember To Start Boating Season

Have your boat spring commissioned 
Spring commissioning is when your batteries are re-connected; the engine is run on a hose up to normal operating temperature to verify sufficient water volume flow and to flush the antifreeze out of your engine. An inspection is completed to ensure there are no leaks or abnormal conditions. We also check the lights, gauges and horn to make sure they are functioning properly.

Get ahead of routine boat maintenance pre-season 
Your impeller (pumps raw water into your engine to keep it cool) should be replaced every 2 to 3 years or every 100 hours, depending on how much you use your boat. If your boat has bellows we inspect them every year. You will need to have your bellows replaced at least every 5 years or sooner if they show signs of wear. You can expect to replace your battery(s) after three years of service.

Change your oil 
If your marine dealer winterized your boat last year, then your engine oil, gear oil and associated filters were changed at that time. If not, be sure to schedule this service before your boat goes in the water.

Prep your freshwater system accordingly 
If your boat is equipped with a fresh water system (e.g., a sink or shower) and you enjoy this feature, then by all means use it. However, please remember to: flush the water, clean the tank and add stabilizer at least three times a year. If you don’t, or if you barely use your fresh water system, then it is best to leave the antifreeze in it and not use it at all. Over time unused water will become stagnant and begin to smell, making it unusable unless treated.

Have your boat cleaned for a fresh start to your boating season 
Consider cleaning the bottom of your boat (waterline and below) in the fall. In the spring clean from the waterline up to the rub rail. This way your boat will be clean and fresh for your first day of use. You may want more detailing services contact your local dealer to see what other services they may offer.

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