10 Gifts for Boaters. Not Just for Christmas!

Struggling with what to get your boat enthusiast for Christmas this year? I know, I know, its not even Thanksgiving and I am talking about Christmas. However lets think out of the box, maybe we can make all the holidays a little more special for our boating loved ones. From custom boat covers to protect that boat against the winter weather, to “I’d Rather Be Fishing” coffee mugs, this list has items sure to please the pickiest fisherman and tame the roughest sailor.

Fishing Lures, Rods and Reels. Stuff their stocking with fancy lures so they can reel in that world record fish. Don’t forget about gift certificates to their favorite marine supply store. Always a great gift.

Weather Radio. Keep your boater safe by giving them a radio that lets them receive weather updates, so they knows when it’s time to put the boat cover on before the next storm hits.

Boat Care Kit. Your boater probably knows a thing or two about keeping their toy clean, but help them out with basic maintenance by giving them a boat care kit.

Custom Clothing, Mugs and Key-chains. Feed your boater’s seafood addiction by filling their stocking with miscellaneous items with pictures of skiers, boating, and fish on them.

Handheld GPS. Every now and then your boater is going to get lost. Help them find their way back to the docks with a convenient, handheld GPS.

Life jacketKeep them comfortable, stylish and safe with a life-jacket that isn’t too bulky and doesn’t get in the way.

Custom Boat Cover. If you really want to outdo Old Saint Nick, have a top-quality, custom boat cover made by a reliable boat covers company in your area.

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. They might need something to read while waiting for the season to start again. Why not have them read a seafaring classic? Or if movies are more thier style, wrap up the movie starring Spencer Tracy.

Boating Shoes. Keep his feet dry with rain boots, slip-on canvas sneakers or canoe moccasins.

A Fisherman’s Field Guide. If they doesn’t already know, help them identify what they have brought home for dinner.

So now that you have seen the list use your imagination and put a little boating spirit into all the holidays. A coffee mug at Thanksgiving, a book at Halloween, or do a a 12 days of Christmas and give something everyday! Whatever you decide treat your boater right.

DON’T FORGET! Your boater has a favorite marine supply store. Go in and talk with the folks that know your boater best. They will have a lot more ideas and may even be able to help you surprise them with something special.

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