Fall Boating: 6 Reasons to Keep Boating into Autumn

Traditionally, when we think of boating, we think of swimming, waterskiing, and generally having a great time during the summer months. There’s a lot to be said, however, about extending your boating season in autumn.

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In fact, fall boating offers advantages that the rest of the year doesn’t. Here are a few reasons why…

1. It’s Quieter

Since most people prefer boating in warm weather, fall boating means launch ramps and marinas are less crowded. So, too, are popular sandbars and anchorages, which you might just find you have all to yourself as October and November advance.

2. It’s Perfect for Leaf Peeping

What better way to take in the crimsons, oranges, and more of fall foliage than by boat? The reflection of the bright colors in the water is equally magical, so be sure to pack your camera. Check out our guide to the best fall foliage destinations for places to put on your must-visit list.

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3. Bird-Watching Abounds

Just as colorful leaves are all around whether you’re coastal or inland, so are migratory birds. Turn bird watching into a fun game by assigning different species listed in guidebooks to each member of your family, and passing out pairs of binoculars. Whoever checks off the most species gets to pick a dock-and-dine destination for dinner.

4. Cool, Crisp Air is Invigorating

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Especially if you live in the southern states, you’ll appreciate the break from the intense summer heat. Just remember, though, that as much fun as the wind in your hair is, you should pack sweatshirts and blankets, and maybe even gloves and hats. The mercury drops pretty quickly as autumn extends, plus the shorter days mean less sunlight.

5. Starry Skies Shine So Bright

Orion is one of the most easily recognized constellations in the sky. Abundant websites can tell you what’s readily visible in your area if you go boat camping.

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6. Fall Boating Also Means Fall Fishing

Angling aficionados are especially eager to catch striped bass as the fish start heading south for the season. Those aren’t the only catching opportunities, though. Coastal areas, lakes, and rivers see walleyes, catfish, and more take advantage of clusters of baitfish—and in predictable areas, too, meaning you’re likely to be in luck if you wet a line.